Saturday, June 11, 2005


Would you wear these T-shirts in Singapore ?

There is a 76.8% chance of being bashed up in Singapore if you wear this:

An SPG can wear this to seduce the male half of a white couple:

I don't think the Singapore Women's Charter covers this right:

Wear this to get full service at Geylang Lorong 12, sorry not available in Thai, Chinese or Malay:

I don't think this slogan wishes you luck at the Singapore Turf Club:

If she does not consent, you consent to 24 strokes on your ass:

Is Mel Gibson thinking of a Sequel ?

When I heard US soldiers in Iraq were mad about Camels, I thought cigarettes:

Come to think of it, a light sabre does come in handy in this line of work:

Hello Kitty ? Nah.... Manja Ganja .....or Catnip-pon

Angmohs sick of fucking Sarong Party Girls should wear this:

..and SPGs abused by their Angmoh boyfriends can wear this:

Pregnant Ladies be Warned: Do Not Consume Alcohol

Early Indoctrination of Communist China's One-Child Policy

Meet James Pearson a.k.a. Sweet16Cindy

I wonder if the characters mean "TUAKEE" in Japanese or Chinese

If you want to buy any of these T-shirts you can go to hell.

I am so offended that I have no choice but to touch myself.
Eh, the Chinese words in the last picture means "huge stalk".
"stalk" ? Okay thanks. I thought it was a word that rhymes with that.
the characters
Gen = ROOT

Actually... traditionally, the "STALK" does refer to the "family stalk/root" aka PENIS aka cock aka DING DONG aka Mr Happy.. oh, wadeva it is, u white trash calls it.


Only, I doubt people go aroudn saying look at my STALK nowadays.

Me Chinese Me no spik Engerish
By comparsion, that makes the recent furore over the T-shirt worn by someone that read "I am surrounded by idiots" look even more lame than before.
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