Wednesday, August 30, 2006


2006 National Day Rally Speech

PM Lee spoke about the Digital Age in his 2006 National Day Rally Speech. He mentioned a famous parody website and then went on to make a gaffe in Hokkien about ordering "mee siam" without "hum". In other words he went from talking cock to talking cockles.

The PM's assumption that mee siam contains cockles together with his refusal to allow someone else to vet his speech shows that he is very shellfish selfish.

Mr Brown's parody of "mai hum" may prompt PM Lee to avoid, like cockles, another food item: black-eyed peas.


Song Parody: Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem

Parody of the song "Cleaning Out My Closet". I don't think Eminem will be too thrilled by this. With the title containing words like "closet" and "out", I guess it was only a matter of time somebody, errr, came out to mock it.

Check it out, pun intended.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Zoe Tay Gets Adult Movie Offer

Zoe Tay has been offered to act in an adult movie. If she agrees, she would be appearing in number 23 of this DVD series. Zoe will not be the first Asian women to be featured though. Title number 8 stars Filipina Mei Yu.

Warning: NSFW
Click on this link for more info. Links to all titles appear on the bottom right.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Zoe Tay Interview

S.W. Low of the Staid Times interviews Zoe Tay after the launch of the 'I Swallow' Imedeen skin tablets ad.

S.W. : So Zoe, do you really swallow ?

Zoe: Of course I do. That's the only way to take those pills.

S.W. : Did Phillip, your fighter pilot husband, have anything to say about this ad?

Zoe: He did express some concerns but I reassured him that people would think about pills and not other things when they see my ad. I think he found that hard to swallow.

S.W. : Is there anything you won't swallow ?

Zoe: Yes, my pride.

S.W. : (Mumbles) That explains that awards show fiasco with Fann and Christopher.

Zoe: What ???

S.W. : Nothing, nothing. I heard you love dogs. Is there a breed you don't like ?

Zoe: I don't fancy Spitz so much.

S.W. : So have you had any new offers to do ads ?

Zoe: Listerine wants me to do an 'I gargle' ad and a toy company wants me to do an 'I blow bubbles' ad. I also got a wierd offer. A special kind of bank asked me if I would like to do a "Sometimes I don't swallow but keep and donate" ad. They said it was a 'pilot' project. They want to increase their deposits from pilots. They were only interested in making an oral agreement with me.

S.W. : What do you think about your career prospects now ?

Zoe: I am very excited about my prospects. I think I will soon become the most popular star in Singapore, just like the good old days.

S.W.: You should not get too confident. There is a saying in the West, "One swallow does not make a summer".

Zoe: Huh? Singapore where got summer ?

S.W.: Never mind. Let's change topic. Singapore men must be wondering what your sex life is like since giving birth. Care to tell us ?

Zoe: You won't believe this but Phillip and I have become more adventurous.

S.W.: Wow, care to elaborate ?

Zoe: Let's just say that Philip, my fighter pilot husband, has access to 3 cock-pits when in bed with me.

S.W. : Last question. What advice do you give your fighter pilot husband so that he comes home safe ?

Zoe: I tell him "At home you can ejaculate in my cock-pits, but at work don't be late to eject from your cockpit.


Zoe Tay in Government Campaign

Hot on the heels of her successful 'I Swallow' advertisement, Zoe Tay has been roped in by the government to help spread an old message.

Zoe Tay Campaign Poster

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