Thursday, May 26, 2005


Parody T-Shirts

I am a big fan of parody t-shirts, especially the ones that mock large corporations. Wearing one is the little guy's way to protest the evils of globalization. Or he may secretly wish it becomes an amusing ice-breaking conversation starter to pick up chicks.

Here is a selection I discoverd on the Net:

1. NUS becomes Singapore University Home of the Slackers

In the linked page, click "View Larger" and look at the reverse design for the slogan and NUS parody logo.

2. FedEx becomes FedUp.

If FedEx merges with UPS, I wonder what new name comes to mind?

3. Starbucks becomes Starf*cks

4. Taco Bell becomes Go To Hell

5. Disney's Finding Nemo becomes They Found Nemo

Note: I think this is a great idea for a T-shirt. I have not come across one though.

6. Old Navy becomes Old Navel

7. Nautica becomes Nausia (suitable for pregnant ladies)

8. Abercrombie becomes AbnerCrummie

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