Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Another Pop Star and Panties Story

Popular male pop stars regularly get panties thrown at them by their fawning female fans during live concerts. This story involves a female pop star, a taxi driver fan and a pair of panties:

Pop star rewards honest cabbie with knickers
June 14 2005 at 01:55PM

As if driving a famous pop star around town was not enough, a Serbian taxi driver was rewarded for his honesty - with a pair of her knickers (panties).

Serbian pop star Tina Ivanovic, 29, (pictured above) offered money to cabbie Toma Majstorovic after he returned her handbag, but when he refused - saying he would rather prefer a pair of her knickers instead - she gladly obliged.

Ivanovic was so touched when Majstorovic returned her bag that she gave him a pair of silk panties, local weekly newspaper Svet reported.

The singer had left her handbag in his car after a trip to a beauty salon in Belgrade. -

I wonder if Singaporean cabby Tan Ah Kow of panty-UC COMFORT-able would ask for a similar favour from Fiona Xie, Ho Yeow Sun, etc.

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