Thursday, June 02, 2005


Japanese Helicopter

We Singaporeans may be familiar with the term "Chinese Helicopter", which means Chinese-educated. I want to talk about a Japanese Helicopter. There is this male porn star from Japan who invented a special sex technique called Helicopter Fuck. Miki Yanai is able to turn his body 360 degrees while keeping his penis inside his partner. You can see a clip here.

Read more about Yanai-san at Masamania's hilarious blog. A piece on Yanai in Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper. That Mainichi article made mine itchy.

Here are the inevitable puns:

Were impatient porn actresses persuaded to perform with Yanai-san with promises of a quick turnaround?

If Mr. Yanai decided to do charity work should he join the Rotary Club ?

Mr Yanai climaxes at the end of his scenes, proving once again that what goes around comes around.

Is the inventor of the helicopter, Mr. Igor Sikorsky, turning in his grave ? If so, at what axis is he turning ?

The US Military UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter is nicknamed Huey. So a Singaporean guy can do a Huey on some Ah Huay.

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