Friday, June 03, 2005


Pretty Japanese Prostitutes

A Japanese male friend sent me this link of a Tokyo brothel. He thinks the callgirls here are quite chio, especially Natsu and Rei.

Instructions (to view them only, hehe): (Note: No nudity involved)

You need Macromedia Flash Player 7.

1. Go to this link and click on "Enter Site" at the lower right.

2. A Flash window pops up. Click on the blue "Girl's List" tab on the left.

3. Click on any thumbnail face picture on the right to get a bigger picture on the left. Use the scroll bar on extreme right to see more faces.

4. Click on "System" tab on the left to see pricing information.

Sample prices:

20,000 yen (SG$309) for 80 minutes
25,000 yen (SG$386) for 100 minutes
150,000 yen (SG$2319) for 1 day

By the way, I think this website is very well designed.

they are koreans and the site is called kankoku aijin, meaning korean lovers. Its called delivery health. You dont usually get the girls in the pictures. The girls they send are usually koreans working/studying in japan.

love hotel maps pretty good though.
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