Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Davinder Singh's Smileys

I wonder if the great lawyer Davinder Singh uses these smileys to express himself on the Internet.

Won another case

Lost a case (rarely used)

Ha! Like that also can. You are now crowned a joker.

dude, me and my friend invented those smilies some months back to "define" our indian blood.

we call it the "mama smiley".

its hilarious and all our friends cracked up.

and now its on your blog.. what can i say? great minds think alike! heh :)
lancerlord: thanks for the compliment. I won't let it get to my head. @:)

eileen: I am not surprised that you and your friends came up with this. Your blog photos show that your gang likes to crack jokes and have fun. And yes, that Long Island Tea is quite strong. Maybe they should have a non-alcoholic version: Long Island Teh-O ?
haha. alcohol and teh-o? baaaad combination dude.

i have weak stomach lah. heh.
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