Sunday, July 10, 2005


Heady Stuff from Japan

Porn movies usually feature girls giving head. In this particular movie from Japan, they have girls showing head instead, in public no less.

This video has three different girls getting fucked in a parked vehicle with their heads sticking out.

In the following pic, the girl's head can be seen on the right and a curious guy on the left. There is even a clueless policeman at the centre.


This girl is obviously being doggy-styled.
Or she may be constipated.

This is not the first time oriental people have had their heads sticking out in public. In Ancient China they used this as a form of punishment. The device used is called a cangue. Much less pleasureable than what the Japanese girls experienced.

Video cover. (NSFW)
Video page (NSFW) containing description in Japanese and other pictures.

Wicked stuff!
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