Monday, July 11, 2005


LHL and wife go to Taiwan (Joke)

A Joke:

LHL and his wife were visiting Taiwan for a short holiday. After checking in, LHL decided to leave his wife inside the room and head for the hotel lobby to check out the local goods on offer. He spotted one fine looking thing and promptly approached her.

The following conversation ensued:
(Note: translated into English)

LHL: Hi, how much for a short time ?
Taiwanese Girl: US$300
LHL: Wow! Too high, can you go lower?
TG: Okay, $250
LHL: No, No, No, still too high. Lower can?
TG: I won't go lower than $150
LHL: No, it's still too high. Okay, thanks anyway.

LHL heads back to his room in disappointment.

The next day, LHL and his wife were checking out of the hotel.
The same Taiwanese lady happened to be there at the lobby.
Upon seeing the couple, she goes up to LHL and says,

"See, this is what you get for five dollars"

Ai si (want to die) ah you!
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