Friday, July 22, 2005


Sore Stomachs in Balasore

Police in the Indian city of Balasore punished the male viewers of a porn movie by making them do sit-ups in public. The police chief, Mr. Sanjeev Panda, probably wanted to public to sit up and notice this.

Why punish the stomach when the guilty parties are the eyes, hands and cock ? Should'nt they have been ordered to milk cows ? This way they would still be using their hands to produce a white liquid. Only this time it brings benefits to the public.

Get your trousers up and give me ten
DeHavilland Information Services
18 July 2005

Randy cinemagoers in India were given a punishment of public humiliation after being caught with their pants down watching a porn movie.

The 200 or so culprits, some of whom were teenagers younger than 17, were forced to do ten sit ups outside the cinema, some in front of their parents, reports the Hindustan Times.

They also had to vow never to watch a pornographic film again, an activity that is outlawed in India.

Sanjeev Panda, police chief in the Balasore district, said: "Earlier we acted against the [cinema] hall owners and their staff but it failed to effectively check screening of obscene movies, so we decided to crack down on the audience."

TEN sit ups only?! wah lau. if they had this kinda punishment in singapore, i can foresee many happy "little" boys. heh.
Eileen: Yes, I agree.
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