Tuesday, July 19, 2005


SPG's Apartment Search

As the Sarong Party Girl will be starting her studies in NTU soon, she is now looking for an apartment to rant rent.

She clearly states that she is not interested in an HDB flat. We seem to see a pattern here. She is Chinese, but is not interested in Chinese men. Now we learn that she won't live in a flat even though she herself is flat.

SPG boasts to her prospective landlords that she is neat and does her dishes before going to bed. I beg to differ. When it somes to toilet hygiene there is clear evidence that she knows squat.

As for her active sex life, she promises to tape her mouth shut after 11 pm to ensure a quiet night for the neighbours. If you are an angmoh guy looking to hook up with SPG to enjoy oral services at midnight, this will probably be a big blow.

You're the man.... The funniest + corniest (if there's such a word) blog I have ever read!!!
All you SPGs. avoid this Gweilo; He speaks like a disillusioned Chinese whose gal left him after sucking up a Gweilo...on the other hand Minority Man should let Singapore Man know where We can get some Gwei Mui.
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