Saturday, July 23, 2005


Virgin Urinals


Back in March 2004 Virgin Airlines had planned to install these bright red urinals shaped like a woman's lips in its Upper-Class lounge in JFK Airport, New York. I wonder why they chose this design. Was it some kind of subliminal advertising ? The message being: "As long as you go strictly oral, you always remain Virgin." Singapore Airlines has the slogan "A Great Way to Fly". Now meet "A Great Way to Unzip a Fly".

The airline seems to really indulge their male pilots. After getting some oral stimulation by these urinals they get to enter the cockpit. Talk about full service.

A British aristocrat used to boast that he would regularly abuse these urinals. Janitors though could not find any evidence of this. Turns out that this gentleman is a low-sperm Count.

I don't think it is a good idea to install these urinals in public buildings as they have a tendency to attract jerks and seamen. It would be appropriate, however, to install them in the attached toilet of a man's masturbate room master bedroom.

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