Saturday, October 28, 2006


Wee Shu Min Jokes

Q. What does Wee Shu Min tell her mole while looking at the mirror every single day ?

Ans: Get out of my elite, uncaring face

Q. Why did Shu Min's dad and RJC's principal insisit that she go for counselling ?

Ans: So she can get out of this elite, uncaring phase.

Q. Why won't the Internal Security Department hire Wee Shu Min ?

Ans: Due to traumatic personal experience, she may be reluctant to plant a mole on someone else.

Minority with a majority view. haha.
Just a joke too n not aimed at Ms Wee whom I know is now decided on trying hard to be a better person than her flamers :>
The first one was great, but the other two didnt hit the funny bone.
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